Coffee Backpack

A class backpack coffee  for our event catering That means we do for you exactly the services that will make your event a culinary event . 

helps you through optimal trade show catering to leave a casual and professional impression is it with delicious finger food, Delicatessen in decorative porcelain dish or  backpack coffee dispenser cooking coffee  and preparing before the eyes of your customers. 

We find - as today 's " smart trade - catering. " Food & Wine The right wine backpack can enhance a dish and give it new dimensions and vice versa. 


Basics There are basically two ways of combining food and wine : 

either reaches a rich , flavor -rich food at an equally rich , powerful wine or combining a strongly flavored Court with a lightweight, high acid wine .

 Fish coffee and Seafood The coffee backpack old rule white wine wrote before to fish . 

Today everything is possible and very often fleshy red wines  backpack coffee dispenser complement or fatty fish.

It comes more to the accompanying sauce as the fish . 
Backpack Coffee  White wine often fits best for plain grilled or fried fish without sauce, with the exception of Pinot Noir backpack coffee dispenser to salmon drinks We serve tasty aperitif from the matching Menubegleiter to cocktails at the bar - always the right wine !

 service Our staff looks backpack forward to you and coffee your guests attentive and welcoming to use. Location We search for you the best local or make a tent in the backpack desired size .
decoration According to your theme or you can rely on our unusual ideas . framework Programme Submit proposals to create flow chart , book artists Features of the event premises Lighting , backpack engineering, stage design , lectern, coffee wardrobe etc.

 transport We  backpack coffee dispenser organize for you and your guests to the right or the most original "vehicle" . 

security We are worried for: fences , parking, information to the local police. checklists We develop a checklist coffee tailored to your backpack event - so that nothing is forgotten !   

Convince yourself of our diverse and creative cuisine. You will find all sorts of tidbits that we are prepared fresh and with a lot of passion for you. Looking for something else? Our kitchen coffee backpack makes this possible - call us !



Thanks for your express reply on Friday.    In yur catalog coffee backpack I've seen a Rocketpack that was designed for Bier and there was a giant plastic beer bottle on it. Can you produce something like that for us as well?     We're the BTL agency of   in Hungary and would like to promote it with  special Rocketpack(s).         Are the Rocketpacks backpack able to keep the beer cold?    Could you tell me how much a complete set RP1000/11 (with all accessories needed) would cost? If you can produce coffee  the special bottle design, how much that would be?

I understand company's strategy and I understad you well.

If can not give me this kind of the letter, could you please some letter I present to the companies where I will make presantations. Of my part, I would like to make accent on the that, I have to untroduce your company or fact we work together, and working on selling of the Rocket Packs Products, I would like to have some garantee.

Before to sell some systems, I have to make some advertisement or promotion of its, does mean I will put coffee up my money. So, in this case, I count on taking it back after I have sold some systems, right?


Actually, if you can give my a letter of free agent, without any exclusivity, it will be better for us both. You see, before to sell your systems I have to make some job, what I'm doing now, getting appointements, discussing possibility of buying of the coffee Products. I know, it goes very slowly, since we have started working. But, after have passing and paying all duties of the systems, each Rocket Packs costs about 800-900 USD. That's why, I need to have some garantee. :-)

Of course, being your representative, non-official and non-exclusive, and promoting backpack your Products I have to know, you will not leave me, starting selling the systems directly to my clients.

Ccount on your understanding, but working with my other foreign partners, I studed to discuss all details before to work with them.

Have been intrested in starting my own street vending business that would supply hot coffee to the morning traffic.

Have come across your product and think that it is perfect for the application in which i wish to use it.

Please may you give me more details on your 5 litre and 11 litre rocket packs coffee backpack !

I`m really  interested in your company products and one in special  the "coffe backpack", I need information about them like prices or caractheristics.

Do you have authorized representative in Mexico?, if its true, I need the telephone or web site

Please also include a basic price guide. Lastly, would you be able to print on your backpack pack any graphic requirments of mine.

Can speak German but I have difficulty writing it. I am very interested in you dispensing coffee backpack  packs particularly for good coffee and fresh fruit juice. Do you perhaps have an agent here in South Africa and if not could I possible coffee distribute your products. I currently  have a requirement for a group of restaurants that would probably look at 120 pieces. Obviously if I could promote your product  it would become a reasonable sized business.

Was wondering if you could help me asap.  I am looking to get pricing on 10 to 20 units of the cocktail bauchladen.   If 10 to 20 units isn’t enough, please let me know your minimum quantity needed.  Please also provide set up charges to screen this piece and also lead times.

Following our last e-mails I would like to make a purchase order of 10 pcs. RP1104/19 at EUR 89 each one plus EUR 250 of total insurance and freight to Guadalajara. Could you start with the process. (sending the pro forma invoice).

Could you also tell me how is the proportion between air and backpack  liquid in the RP 1000/11 and it´s total weight once it is full charged?

I am enquiring about the ‘rocket packs’ I have seen on your website. My client is after a coffee quantity of between 1-20.

The ones I am interested in are the ‘fun drink backpack’, the 5ltr coffee backpack, and the rocket double tower.

I would need these branded with a 4 colour process image.

Please could you let me know the prices for 1 off, 10 off and 20 off and also include any carriage to get them to the UK, and also any originations for the print work, I would also need to know the lead time for production and freight of these items at these quantities.

Gemma has contact ed you regarding these backpacks.

Thank you for you quick response to our enquiry. I am about to send prices off to our client, but would like more detailed information about the rocket pack. Like what you sent for the 5litre.

I would be grateful if you could send this through as soon as possible as I have to leave for a meeting.

Also, what would it cost us if our client wants to see a coffee sample???

Thank you so much for doing those prices for me! I have a couple of other questions I need you to answer as well;

How much would it cost for us to get a sample of 1 x 5ltr pack to us here in the UK (including carriage) and also how long this would take.

Also I need to find out how much carriage for 5, 10 and 40 backpack  of these would be and lead time if we were to order.

These prices I need for the non carbonated dispensers.

Can you help?  I found your details on the internet.  My name is Michele and I work for a large merchandise company, we have a client interested in a Jet Pack coffee backpack like this one on your website.  Would you please be able to get me costs on 40 of them with leadtimes.

First of all, I would like to know if you have a sales office in Romania. If you have please send me the contact and I will discuss with them.

If you don’t have, please send me prices for Rocket Pack backpack from 1 to 50 pcs. and other details like , standard colors, capacity in coffee liters, sizes etc. Also I would like to know others additional costs for using this Rocket Pack.

It is possible to have the tank split in two and in each part to have different liquid, and each part to have a different dosing system. 

Rocket Pack keeps the liquid cold? If the answer is yes, for how long?

The same question is for warm liquid like coffee.

I received your price list for Rocket. I so that the price for Rocket Pack 11,4 l is 449 Euro. If we are interested to buy 30 pcs. what discount can offer us. All that Rockets are red or you have also other colors.

Attached you have a pictures with the tang that we have to produce it. Can  you produce the Nestea coffee backpack  bottle that hide the tang?

As we allready discussed few minutes ago, I'd like to receive from you a price quotation for both solutions on pressure equipment for carbonated beverages.

Speaking about this, please send me also a quotation for 20-40 items of Coffee Backpack for 11,4 litres, as well as for 5 litres capacity.

Having studied your webpages at I would be most interested in receiving a detailed product information pack for the dispensing of cold drinks, hot drinks and alcoholic beverages complete with pricing information. 

Further to receipt of this information I would welcome the opportunity to agree an appointment to discuss the coffee backpack your products and marketing opportunities within the UK with a view to follow this up with a face to face meeting at your Frankfurt offices.

Please forgive me for not making my enquiry clear.  I was not proposing to act as an agent for your products in the UK rather I wish to procure your products however what I would like in advance of a detailed discussion and visit was perhaps a more detailed explanation of how the products work and the cleaning required.  I was also interested in whether you have some market analysis that demonstrate typical profit streams.

Meanwhile thank you for guiding me to the pricing pages.  I must admit I had not found this having read your webpages.

I'm writing to you from Ireland and i have some questions i wonder if you could answer for me.. Can you tell me what is the capacity of liquid each tower can coffee backpack hold..Also are they suitable for dispensing juice and smoothies.

Does the price on the website E 118 include the cup holder and dispensor..How much would postage to the republic be for two twin tower back packs..And how long would it take before i received them..? i look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you for your help..Regards, juice and smoothie bar.

May I have the size of packaging box for each machines ( 5L, 11.5L, and 19L), and also -how many machines of 5L in one 20 foot container?

-how many machines of coffee backpack 11.5L in one 20 foot container?

Can you please send me some information about coffee backpack . I would like to import it to Norway. Is there any companies who have it in Norway? Im interested in 3 and 5 liter towers for my pub.

It seems as though your company is not interested in my offer, so I have approached another company who seems more interested to work with me. I am disappointed as your company was my first choice for a supplier of the beer tubes.

Have you already received the transfer? It should be already in your bank account otherwise please let me know.  Could you confirm this? and send coffee backpack to me  in advance the Invoice, Packing List, EUR1, Certificate of Origin? all of these are in order to begin with the importation processes. 

According to my information you have been already in contact with my colleague,  who was interested in your products in connection with the  within our coffee backpack  company. We are still not on the decision making stage in that projekt but I would need some further information because another brand wolud be also interested in your RP1000/11 rocketpack (11,5 l).

We would promote a non-alcoholic softdrink that is originally carboneted.

Do we need the basic mixture without carbondioxid or we can use the original softdrink for the rocketpack?

Can you send us picture(s) about a coffee backpack  non branded, neutral rocketpack?

What are the essential additional equipments for the perfect serving of carboneted soft drinks?