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lf you are offering a staff coffeeman party , housewarming or wedding planning and you want to let it support our Professional Team Wore good ideas for partial or complete solutions .

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Decorations , heaters, tents, toilets , promotional items, kitchen coffee  equipment, slipcovers , etc. are just a few of the possibilities that can cover us and our partners .

In the preparation phase we coffeeman will create an overall concept or assist you with partial solutions .


It goes without saying that we all coffee  agreed with you requirements , eg Constantly keep appointments or coffee man budget in mind and are in regular contact with you.

During the event, we are on the spot and take on the event line , so that you can concentrate fully on your guests. Even more day events we support with our employees and coffeeman coordinate all processes.

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If you only need support coffeeman for your celebration, is also not a problem. You are welcome coffee man to our expertise in project management or seek the help of individual employees to complete.

Catering offers the entire beverage logistics from an experienced hand. From the appetizer to the creamy cappuccino in the morning then we are your partner for soft drinks and coffee specialties , cocktails and mixed drinks of all kinds, pure spirits.Beers and mixed drinks beer , wines, and coffee   sparkling wines.

Coffee Man

Enchant coffeeman your guests with a coffee  perfectly made ​​coffee, classic cocktails or with new creations for example .

 Whether vitamin-rich smoothies with fresh berries and fruits or cocktails with herbs and spices in cuisine style .

Let incorporate our coffee  experience coffee man and expertise in event. Realization of any services which is in connection with an event we like to put on it .
 Functional drinks with and Schüssler salts or Vegan Cocktails for the conscious connoisseur - the seductive shaken and stirred drinks attract a large audience , as well as the experienced connoisseur .

 For your drinks , we use only selected fresh ingredients and brand and premium spirits .

We are happy to help and coffeeman make the cocktail menu to your liking.


In addition to an extensive repertoire of cocktails and long drinks we offer a selection of wines, champagne and sparkling wine and champagne coffeeman best quality , but also different beers . You are curious ?

Details on this can be found in the areas.