The catering coffee backpack drinks not forget ! While many provide enough food through catering, order drinks but it is often forgotten . 

And yet no one wants to be left high and dry its guests and therefore starts at the last minute , at least a few beer, water and juices to buy. 

Official receptions and exhibition openings , we equip with appropriate counter, coffee backpack cocktail tables or  with lounge furniture and take care of the coffee smooth flow - from the backpack procurement of goods to the professional staff . 

Our beverage catering is popular with many parties and with our  bar offers an eclectic combination option and comes as coffee , beverage bar , cocktail or wine used. 
Hired goods Hired goods  counter current Party equipment Learn more Event technology available in our rental pool ! Implement performance as advertised and meet or exceed coffee expectations . 

We make an coffee backpack event an experience! With this claim , we plan and organize our events. For backpack us, it comes down to the detail. 
Clean work , creativity and ability to think for themselves and spontaneously occurring tasks to master quietly set us apart.

Coffee Backpack dispense 19 Liter Coffee

 including Drink The advantage here is that backpack coffee dispenser you mouse click caterers and drinks, such as the cocktail catering, order and can conveniently pay by credit card without cash . 

Also order coffee catering for drinks! We take care of your beverage catering ! 
Not always an extensive catering or with breakfast menus is required. For this reason , we specialize backpack in private catering concept with beverage serving . 

We realize champagne receptions and beverage service for your private or company anniversary .

Equip your beach party with our cocktail and happy to supply you with the right drinks coffee for your event theme . 

You can rely on many years of experience, expertise and creativity of our team. The successful recipe for the best entertainment combines all the ingredients for a coffee backpack successful event cocktail :

modern event technology, innovative products and exciting event ideas . 

We give the finishing touches to any event backpack coffee dispenser and guarantee you the coffee professional implementation . 
You decide whether you need a full service or support individual services and if you have already planned your event coffee backpack itself and even the matching , 
the most beautiful location , who want to book light and sound equipment, service-trained personnel or the decoration as building blocks - is our address the right for your celebration.

Complete coffee offers customized budget support Full service : planning, organization, implementation backpack Rental pool with modern coffee backpack technical.

Makes it easy , eat and drink to order online , especially if you have forgotten the coffee backpack catering Drinks. Cooperates coffee widely with several restaurants and offers a large backpack number of different delivery services.

This is a backpack coffee dispenser. Inside it has insulation material that keeps the drink cool. Holds 36 cans of 12 oz. It has two compartments, the first to hold the drinks and the second to assemble the light piece and its technological package. The second part is an inflatable balloon that has internal LED lighting. This part of joins the backpack with two plastic insurances that keep the balloon.



Would like to receive a  printed brochure with a complete list of prices.I would like to know more about disposable coffee backpack glasses with different flavours also. Thanks for your time.

I would like to know the price of 20 Ice Cream Boxes - plain without printing.

And how long will it take before you can ship them? Please answer back as soon as possible. 

Very interested in your product.  I believe there is a large demand here in Utah, for the large resort industry centered around our ski slopes.  Can you email me with more info.  Also can you include sales info, also the availability of demo samples.

To enquire about some of your products. I own a bar in Spain and i would like to have some of your beer towers in my bar , do you do delivery ??

Could you give me a price list for these products and delivery ?? I look forward to hearing from you .

Through the web site of 'alibaba', we have learned that you are one of the exporters of 'backpack drink dispensers'.

We are, therefore, writing with a desire to open an account with you. We have been doing business as importers and exporters of general merchandise.

I am very much interested in purchasing your goods and therefore I would appreciate it if you would kindly send me

a copy of your lastest catalogue and quotation by return mail or e-mail.

And please let us know if you are represented here(KOREA).

Thank you for the response and your coffee backpack dispenser prices. I will consider the offer and get back to you as soon as I have decided.

If it is possible, I would like to know the price for 31 units including VAT, TAX, Handling & Shipping.

This is to inform you that we received the coffee backpack Dispenser samples.

Unfortunately I’ve not good news for you. As I write you with email before we where  close for business vacation from .

Delivery was incoming 1. Fortunately there was an employment in the company  this day to take over the shipment.

When we re open again on 05 the boxes where opened and with regret we must  recognized that all the Metro Dispensers was damaged (see picture as attachment).

The dispensing tube and the basic block where put together and not enough fixed in the box this cause this fatal problem.

An other big problem cause your brand name with contact information marked on any coffee backpack twice. We can’t resell the coffee Dispenser when customer will find the direct contact on the product. Even minimum order is 50 units.

We only can accept your brand on it if easily removable. Otherwise no possibility for  distribute your product here in Germany as reseller.

Please be informed that we lost a large quantity order because the samples come late.

We are really annoyed about the whole situation and ask for your assistance hereto.

Everything is fine with it. We`re planning to transfer the funds at the end of the 4th or at the begining of the 5th  week and as soon as  we transfer the funds we will immediately send you the confirmation of payment.

I am Jason from Malaysia, I am interested of some of your products like bier turm and backpack drink dispenser. May I know if you deliver to Malaysia ?

Also, what is the minimum order per item? Preferably also the FOB price per unit.

Could you please give the athorization letter I sent youcoffee backpack dispenser  some days ago? I need it for introducing your company.

As for the Beer Toweers, I would like to ask you to give me some information about gros weight and net weights of each. I can organize the delivery from Frankfurt am Main to Donetsk through autocar. As for the money, I will send it through my friends who'll come to you for buying the coffeeTower we need.